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Common Delica faults (from hikari)

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2004 13:06    Post subject: Common Delica faults (from hikari) Reply with quote

Originally posted by pete millis

Space Gear well as for a certain breakdown?
There is no memory which was called to substance such as engine and mission big trouble, as for basic structure of the car, you think that it will have been secure.
It is several in relationship of electric system and the underside interior which just a little are done.

* Overdrive switch
It is the switch which has been attached to the point of the column shifter, but
When one time you push, locking, when it becomes on, already one time pushes it becomes off, it is called alias "push locks itch". This lock stops being effective, when it has become on or off locking stops.
Because as for this, in just the switch the part does not come out, it means to exchange shifter the whole.

* "Thing thing" and sound do with the underside.
When running, adjusting to road surface unevenness, the sound, "thing thing" is audible.
It meaning that "the abnormal play" is easy to be produced to the link ball joint of the stabilizer, it does.
Directly how there is no worry which becomes like this.

* ウインドレギ?…レター
When the power window is closed, changing from the middle, it goes down. This does being to be many in the driver seat whose use frequency is high. The groove where the glass passes (ランチャンネル) and, the slide of ウインドレギ?…レター becomes bad, the backstop which has been attached to the motor works too much, cause is 2 3 sorts.
Suddenly, when becoming so, the fact that the glass rises will be helped "by the hand" "lifts" the switch with as the direction which, a time exceeding is possible.
When the backstop to be effective too much is, it can cancel even by the fact that the circuit is cut off.

* Sun roof front
When opening and closing the motor sounds, "clattering" stops midway. This early coping is the point! .
Because looseness of motor installation bolt is cause, while if the gear of the motor is not broken, it tightens, damage may be little.
Of course, when the motor itself it is defective, it is.

* Wheel-drive indicator lamp
While the wheel-drive indicator lamp blinks, in addition it becomes unable to go out.
As for this condition, it is many in the car which does not use the change lever of 4 WD/ 2 WD, rarely. As for this, when it is the indicator switch defective is many.

* Rear sun roof of twin sun roof
When the rear sun roof opens, the deflector which appears in on - the link which has stopped breaks, the sun roof stops closing to end.
While holding down by the hand, if you close, being to close immediately, there are no times when how you say directly.

* Headlight washer (M/the C ago)
As for this the motor being plugged, there are times when it stops moving. Usually unless it moves excessively, rusting, being plugged, way it stops moving, the shank. Sometimes moving, it will produce the washer liquid.

* Glow plug
In case of the Diesel car, when the engine is cold, especially it is many in the cold season when there are times when catching becomes bad. As for this the glow plug and that related part (the harness heater plate) becoming defective, there is many a thing which happens. When the starter is turned too much, being to be times when the battery rises main point note! . "ヤバイ! When "with thinking, entirely it will cut excessive electric system, this operation of 8 - 10 second counting 2 - 3 times after repeating, it will try turning the starter with the main switch as an on.

In addition if you say to small ones, the vibrating sound lens of the MC/front & front where the panel around the stereo cracks clear lamp being somber, it becomes cloudy, the air conditioner air inhaling 込 oral filter is plugged well, and so on it is, but none is great thing.
2.8 L400 Delica EXCEED
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2004 13:06    Post subject: Google Ads keep this community free to join!

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