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L400 Dash unit warning lights

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 16:11    Post subject: L400 Dash unit warning lights Reply with quote

These are the relevant lights for the 4WD 2.8TD, note that several are optional upgrades, with no lights or holders in the back.

  • 1. Gearbox: - Shows gear position for automatic gearbox. Also an ‘O/D off’ indicator if overdrive has been deselected by the driver.

  • 2. ‘HOLD’ - If on driver has used the A/T switch to force the gearbox to start in second rather than first gear (useful on ice or mud to reduce slip).

  • 3. ‘PWR’ - If on driver has used the A/T switch to force the gearbox into 'power' mode: requiring higher revs before changing up a gear.

  • 4. ‘A/T’ warning - Indicates high temperature in gearbox if it comes on while driving. Stop and idle for five minutes in park. Check ATF fluid level with engine on and in neutral. On the 2.8TD and V6 this light will flash if there is a fault in the transmission control unit.

  • 5. Engine oil pressure warning - Normally off when engine running. Indicates loss of engine oil pressure if it comes on while driving - may cause major engine damage if driven in this condition. Check oil level in engine.

  • 6. Engine block symbol - Engine warning light (Grade option) - Turns on when ignition turned to ON position, the switches off after a few seconds. If it shows when the engine is on a fault in the engine control system is indicated. Avoid driving at high speed and have it checked by a Mitsu dealer asap.

  • 7. Coil symbol - Glow plug status (Grade option) - lights when ignition is energised to show preheat condition. Wait for this light to extinguish before starting the engine.
  •     Hot Box symbol - Exhaust system warning (Grade option) - Turns on when catalytic converter rises, reduce speed until light goes off. if this and battery light come on together when engine is running there is a fault in the battery charging system.

  • 8.  Engine revolutions - The information is of no real value if you have an automatic gearbox and mainly use drive (D). But if you are heavily laden, then it’s useful to check that the revs are not too low - low revs under high load will generate more heat in the gearbox.

  • 9.  Battery charge warning - Normally off when engine running. If on it shows that the battery is not being charged. If it comes on while driving it means there is a fault, in battery, alternator, or drive belt (the belt could be broken or simply slipping).

  • 10. Diesel fuel filter warning (Grade Option) - usually off. If on there is excess water in the base of the fuel filter. NB: This may have an Engine control warning light instead, if fitted as an optional extra upgrade.

  • 11. High beam on / off. Lights up in blue to indicate high beams are on

  • 12. Tachometer - Vehicle road speed.

  • 13. <spare>

  • 14. Seat belts - Normally only shows drivers belt status.

  • 15. Door open warning - Lights up if a door, or the tailgate, is not fully closed when the ignition is on.

  • 16. Temperature gauge - should be well below the ‘hot’ mark.

  • 17. Fuel gauge.

  • 18. 4WD transmission status - shows what the driver has selected with the 4WD selector.

  • 19. <spare>

  • 20. <spare>

  • 21. Low fuel warning - (lights when the tank is down to about 12-15 litres.

  • 22. ECS Sport mode setting - IE: Stiffer suspension in Sport mode.

  • 23. <spare>

  • 24. WHEEL LOCK Front free wheel diff display light. Turns on when speed is above 5kmh and 4HLc is engaged.

  • 25. Anti-skid braking (ABS) - usually off. Performs self-test of ABS system when ignition is turned on, and then light goes off.

  • 26. Handbrake status - lights up if handbrake is on.

  • 27. Supplementary restraint system (SRS) - usually off. This is the airbag system. The light should come on for a few minutes when the ignition is turned on - this shows that the self-test is being done. When the test is completed successfully then the light is extinguished. If the light stays on then it is a warning that the air-bag will not work.

  • 28. Odometer/ Trip meter selector - One push toggles the display between odometer and trip distance. A sustained push will reset the trip distance to zero.

  • 29.  Odometer/ Trip meter display.

Centre console switches:

Rear screen defogger - Hazard Flasher - Electronic Controlled Suspension (Grade option, See item 22 in top section).
The rear screen defogger will also turn on the heating elements, if fitted, in the door mirrors.

There are two types of switch for the rear window defogger.
With Timer = Press in and it will switch off after 20 minutes, or press again to turn it off manually.
Without Timer = Press on - Press off

Left of steering wheel:

A/T switch (See No. 1 and 2 in the top section) - Wiper de-icer (grade option) should auto switch off after 10 minutes. Press again to turn off manually.
Third is usually a blank, that may house an after-market rear fog-light switch. A Factory fitted FL switch is normally fitted to the right side of the switch on the right of the steering wheel.


Right of steering wheel:
Normally there is a rotary dimmer switch, for the dashboard lights, plus a single or double pair of switched for the front DRL's (Foglamps).

The correct 'Factory wired' working of the DRL's is:-
Where a single set (white or yellow) are fitted, you only have a single on/off power switch. If a double pair is fitted there will be an extra switch marked A / B to switch between the inner or outer pair. The outer pair is normally fitted with a cut-off beam that stops a few yards in front of the vehicle, as a line. They are for driving in falling snow. I find that prevents glare on falling snow and during 'white outs' and thick fog.

They are not wired to have both pairs on together.

When you turn on the power switch the sidelights automatically switch on along with the dashboard / centre console. If you have an illuminated parking pole that will also light up. :D

The switches are wired in a very complicated way, with some terminals live when it's switched off, yet dead when it's switched on and a couple that are live all the time, or dead all the time and those change when the ignition is switched on or off. However it's also wired into the warning buzzer to sound when the switch is live, whist the keys are out of the ignition.

Dash lights for 4WD Floor Lever - Super select models
The dash warning lights indicate which wheels have power being transmitted to them.  When pulled back to the rearmost setting the Deli will be in two wheel drive mode (2WD) which on the floor mounted shifter will read as 2H.

The complete sequence for the L400 model is:-

Part time 4WD
When in two wheel drive (2H) the bottom two lights come on (Rear Wheels), push the floor transfer lever forward one position to use four wheel drive (4H) and all four lights should come on.

Super Select 4WD
When in two wheel drive (2H) the bottom two lights come on (Rear Wheels), push the floor transfer lever forward one position to use four wheel drive (4H) and all four lights should come on. Push it forward again to (4HLc) and the centre orange difflock light flashes, then remain fixed on when the difflock is engaged. The dash will display the wording 'Wheel Lock' in green, to show the front freewheeling hubs are locked.  If you then depress the lever and move it to the right, or left if you have a manual gear shift, into the low gears (4LLc) then all the lights are on in a fixed mode.

Vehicles with Super Select gears can switch between 2WD and 4WD whilst still moving at speeds up to 55mph or so (I do, so I know it works), providing the vehicle is moving in a straight line when you do it.  Sometimes the green wording Wheel Lock does not come on at first if you are doing less than 3Mph (5Kmh) but will do so when you increase above that speed.

Four wheel drive mode (4WD) gives you more control and road holding on corners. You can drive in 2WD or 4WD on roads or off road with no problems. Difflock is not used on tarmac or other hard surfaced roads.  It can also be engaged whilst moving on slippery surfaces.

Low gear range is for use offroad in particularly difficult terrain as required.  Do not use it on the road you will damage the system.

Flashing green or orange lights indicates the transition phase between 4WD / Difflock / 2WD gear selections.  Sometimes these continue flashing, requiring you to reverse for 3-4 yards to disengage the switch sensor.   This is often due to lack of use of the 4WD system.  Continued flashing lights indicate a faulty switch/sensor, or a problem in the vacuum servo air lines, such as an air leak.  Note though; that provided you have taken the floor gear selector lever back to 2WD the 4WD system and Difflock will not be engaged.

Dash console removal:

1. Drop the steering wheel to its lower position, using the lever underneath.
2. Remove the top cover, by removing the retaining screw from the deep recess next to the lever.

3. Undo two screws going upwards above the clear screen of the display.
5. Unplug the dash switches, either side of steering wheel.
6. Undo four corner bolts holding the display unit to the frame.
7. Tilt the unit forward for access.

The same bulbs are used in all the holders, but not all are used. You will not require them in the warning light for functions you do not have. These could include ABS, SRS, plus there is one that is not used at all.

Bulbs and LED's

Background lamp: Type 501 (LED = T10).

Push Fit 501 Wedge Base 12 Volt 5 Watt Capless Sidelight Bulb:

Dash warning light: Type 286 1.2v capless wedge bulb  (LED = T5)

Type 286 1.2v capless wedge bulb

If you want to get further under the dash there are four bolts holding the lower dash in place.

The black lamp holders are a simple 'twist to remove' type.  :D   It will be obvious, when you remove them, how to fit the LED tails under the copper strips. This one has a red led in it:-

There is a ribbon connector and two screws to remove the gear selector display from the main unit:-

On mine the gear display has separate lamps individually soldered into the circuit board, with a Multi colour display panel on it, but if your handy with a soldering iron you can replace them with LEDS:-

To remove the compass pod just give it a thump, on the front, with the palm of your hand, and the back cover will pop loose. There is a bolt on either side holding it in and if you don't need to do the compass light then do not undo the connectors.  Wink

The lamp holders twist to release and they also have caples type 501 wedge bulbs in them:-

If you do need to do the compass light then you will have to undo the rear access panel, where the ribbon goes in. Then remove the clear plastic display cover and tilt the unit forward to access the lamp in the corner of the display, which twists off with a flat blade screwdriver:-


Copyright is retained for all my photos. Please don't copy them without asking permission
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 16:11    Post subject: Google Ads keep this community free to join!

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