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OD button - A/T switch and 4WD Gear Controls For New Owners

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 13:38    Post subject: OD button - A/T switch and 4WD Gear Controls For New Owners Reply with quote

Delica L400 (Superselect) OD (overdrive) button - A/T switch and 4WD gear floor shift Control & Switches info, for new owners:

Overdrive device is operational when the selector lever is on D position. Provided the engine has warmed up to normal operating temperature and you are doing over 45'ish.

Turn the switch ON.  Changes gear from 1st to 4th automatically. Ensures economical driving performance.

Turn the switch OFF. Changes from 1st to 3rd automatically. Use when descending long slopes where engine braking is necessary.
NB: When the button is out it is off and an orange coloured dash warning light will state OD OFF:

The OD can be left on all the time, apart from when you need the extra braking assistance.

General tips to keep the fuel economy down include having the right pressures for whatever tyre you are using. Have good quality clean oil in the engine, diffs (all three diffs) and transmission. If you haven't done it yet then change them.

Here's a picture of some old and new AT Fluid colours, so you can check how yours is.

Note: Do not confuse Dash warning light AT with the A/T switch, they are not connected.  That warning light indicates the Auto Transmission fluid is overheating, so you need to stop and let it cool down before driving any further.

A/T switch

Normal Mode: - Central position, no warning light showing on dash - Used for a normal, economical, quiet and smooth drive.

Power Mode: - PWR showing on dash (usually off) - Used for faster acceleration, by forcing the engine into a higher RPM mode before gears are changed up.

Hold Mode: - Hold showing on dash (usually off) - For use when moving off, from stationary, on snow or slippery road surfaces. When the gear selector is placed in 'D' position, the vehicle is forced to take off in 2nd gear rather than 1st, to make starting easier, then go into normal mode.  This saves having to have the gear selector in 2 then move into D after you get going.  It also restrict the maximum revs of the engine to 3000rpm (approx).  Note:  The Delica Manual states:- "low revs, when under high load will generate more heat in the gearbox.  You can flip the A/T switch to any mode whilst driving without taking the vehicle out of gear.

4WD Floor Lever - Super select models

This is the 4WD floor selector lever, as shown in the manual. I have amended the movement direction line, as people tend to miss the 4H position and accidentally go direct to 4HLc.

The dash warning lights indicate which wheels have power being transmitted to them.  When pulled back to the rearmost setting the Deli will be in two wheel drive mode (2WD) which on the floor mounted shifter will read as 2H.

The complete sequence for the L400 model is:-

Part time 4WD
When in two wheel drive (2H) the bottom two lights come on (Rear Wheels), push the floor transfer lever forward one position to use four wheel drive (4H) and all four lights should come on.

Super Select 4WD

    1. When in two wheel drive (2H) the bottom two lights only are on (Rear Wheels), push the floor transfer lever forward one position to use four wheel drive (4H) and all four lights should come on. Normal usage.

    2. The 4H position will use 2WD until the rear wheels lose surface traction, at which time the Viscous Coupling system will auto-engage the front differential to power the front wheels on a 50-50% basis (Series 2 models use 75-25% to keep more pushing power on the rear axle). When the rear wheels regain traction it reverts to normal 4H usage as above.

    3. Push the lever forward again to (4HLc) and the centre orange difflock light flashes, then remain fixed on when the difflock is engaged.  The dash will display the wording 'Wheel Lock' in green, to show the front freewheeling hubs are locked. The freewheeling hubs remain locked until manually reverted to 4H.

    4. If you then depress the lever and move it to the right, or left if you have a manual gear shift, into the low gears (4LLc) then all the lights are on in a fixed mode.

Vehicles with Super Select gears can switch between 2WD and 4WD whilst still moving at speeds up to 55mph or so (I do, so I know it works), providing the vehicle is moving in a straight line when you do it.  Sometimes the green dashboard warning light Wheel Lock does not come on immediately if you are doing less than 3Mph (5Kmh) but will do so when you increase above that speed.

Four wheel drive mode (4WD) gives you more control and road holding on corners. You can drive in 2WD or 4WD on roads or off road with no problems. Difflock is not used on tarmac or other hard surfaced roads, though it also can be engaged whilst moving on hard surfaces.

Low gear range is for use offroad in particularly difficult terrain as required.  Do not use it on the road you will damage the system.

Flashing green or orange lights indicates the transition phase between 4WD / Difflock / 2WD gear selections.  Sometimes these continue flashing, requiring you to reverse for 3-4 yards to disengage the switch sensor.   This is often due to lack of use of the 4WD system.  Continued flashing lights indicate a faulty switch/sensor, or a problem in the vacuum servo air lines, such as an air leak.  Note though; that provided you have taken the floor gear selector lever back to 2WD the 4WD system and Difflock will not be engaged.  It will be safe to drive, but have the system checked.

To check if the Difflock is working or not:-  

  1. Jack up the front with both wheels off the ground. Keep the Column Gear Selector Lever in 'P'
  2. With the ignition off and the vehicle in 2WD try turning a front wheel.  Only that wheel should move.
  3. Put it into 4WD and repeat the test.  The wheel should turn whilst the other goes in the opposite direction.
  4. Move the floor lever forward once notch to engage Difflock.  The same as the last test should happen.
  5. Turn on the ignition and repeat the last test.  The wheel should not move!
  7. If you do - don't blame me for what happens, as the back wheels are still on the ground.  Evil or Very Mad .  :?

This link will give you an idea of off-road use:-  [img][/img]


Copyright is retained for all my photos. Please don't copy them without asking permission
Do not blindly go where the path may lead you. Go where there is no path and leave a trail that others may follow!

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 13:38    Post subject: Google Ads keep this community free to join!

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